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Preparing to relaunch: Where has Oni been?

PERSONAL UPDATE: So how have I been? I’m going to start resurfacing soon here on my blog with new adventures. Ginger Hoesly and I are gonna work together to rebrand and re launch it focused on my music and marketing-loving Los Angeles based life now – which has been a weird ride for sure already. Here’s a selfie I took at a photo shoot I did last weekend:


Day of the Dead makeup by Kahlovera.

I’ll be launching a companion program to my blog here that’ll allow me to help those of you who want my marketing and coaching help in a way that’s fair to me and all of you. I’m really excited about that and I’ve been taking my time with it so that it’s the best work I can offer. Definitely get on my mailing list. because if you just follow me on Facebook they will not show you all my posts unless you click on my profile and select “See First”. (Also follow me on Facebook. For 100% more Oni bullshit.)

Maybe we should have a Facebook hangout where I get you guys drunk to commemorate the reopening of my blog just like I used to do. I miss you guys and it’d be nice to see you all again and party – even if it’s a virtual one.

Migraines are the worst. I have one now.


(Athleta Threadlight Relaxed Mock Neck Tank, Nordstrom/Zella Live-In Leggings, Teva De La Vina Low Boots.)

Relocating across the country is great but ultimately the worst shit I ever had to handle in my life. Every time you think you’ve planned for everything another thing pops up. Maybe I should think of it as running an event and it would be easier. I’m one of those unfortunate women who can run C-Level badassery beyond compare but if something simple like my laundry fucks up I start getting scared. Apparently it’s common for people who have spent so much time working to be like that. One of my VP friends when I worked in Pharma marketing was just like that, too. We laughed at ourselves.

I am hoping the pills kick in so I can go out and run my errands today. I feel like I’ve given so much back east and a location change is just the thing to get me back on track. I want to explore and meet new people.

Soon, I’ll start writing here about my experiences – as soon as I have time to process this new area a bit more. I have so much love for California – just as much love as I have for you guys back east and those of you reading from around the world. My people.

I still don’t know where most things are. I’ve been tying to pick one area of Los Angeles per week and go explore. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes I get threatened by homeless maniacs who want to fight me for my 2/3 drank latte and start throwing chairs at me. (Really happened.)

I’m a bit of an Athleta addict these days so I’ll probably go there to start today. They aren’t paying me to say this. I wish they would because I gave them half of my last got dam paycheck. Why? Unforeseen shit. East coast wardrobe highly not appropriate for west coast weather and corporate culture. It was 45 degrees this AM and 80 something now. I need to get rid of and replace a lot of clothes that don’t work with this climate. Also back east I’d masquerade in dresses that were more frumpy than my actual style. I no longer have to do that. In fact it feels weird and too stand out conservative for the west coast. They really are more casual out here. You can’t not be yourself here.

I also lost too much weight too fast since January. I paid to tailor all of my jeans smaller and I’ve dropped another size or 2 since moving in like – a got dam month. Who would have thought moving your entire life can be stressful? But also veggies in California are just so tasty it’s sometimes hard to eat enough. HURRR. Major first world problem there. It’s just tough to figure out what my body needs when in a new climate when I’d never ever traveled away from the east coast climate before June. I’m almost like a Martian or something.

Things That I Must Get Used To.

Thank you all for your patience while I pick up the shattered pieces of myself (because that’s what a major move is) and reassemble her into the next evolution of weird and positive creativity plus marketing awesome that you all will recognize. I guess it’s time to build a second empire on the west coast that compliments the impact I have on the east coast. If you know me at all did you really see anything less happening? I’m a compulsive builder of things.

The best news this week? I started guitar class again. DEEZ. FN. NOTEZ. 🙂

Guitar class then supermarket with my baby:


PS: To answer the most frequently-asked question: No, I am not interested in running more geek conventions (unless you have the budget to pay me up front.) At this time 2.5 cons on the east coast are enough for me. I’m focusing on music and alternative art events out west. Focusing on my heart and my love.

I miss you all and can’t wait to show you what I mean.

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GUEST POST: Haunted Attraction Review: Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Field of Screams

Disclosure: Oni and I were invited out to the media day event at Field of Screams and were provided VIP passes to tour their houses and events this year–Oni was in LA at the time, so I brought with me some newbies to the event to see their reaction to what has historically been one of my favorite haunted attraction locations. They had some great set ups showing the history of the event:


When you enter Field of Screams, you immediately realize it isn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill haunted attraction location.

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Review: Plini / Nick Johnston @ The Roxy in Los Angeles 8/29/17

I’m back!

I moved to L.A. because of my love of music, so of course I already went to my first concert. There was no way in hell that I would miss the chance to see Plini and Nick Johnston live at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip.


Before I permanently left New Jersey I made a point to buy every album that Nick and Plini have ever put out. You know – just in case my finances got hit during this move. I have my priorities straight.

Another band that I bought everything from before moving here was Animals as Leaders – more on that later.

I won’t be detailing the set list because I’m not google. I’m here to talk about what it was like to actually go to this show.

Mike Dawes:

I got there later than I wanted to and so my biggest regret is that I missed Mike Dawes who happened to perform at this particular show. This guy is amazing. Just look at this shit:

He reminds me a bit of Jon Gomm but has a completely unique point of view that makes you feel like your face just got stampeded sideways by a metric ton of bears or something. I can’t explain it. Watch the video because wow, guys. I am going to be following his work and getting his album. I’m definitely going to be in the audience at the next show of his that I can get to.

Nick Johnston:

I arrived right when Nick Johnston went on. Holy shit, guys.

The thing about Nick’s work is that his phrasing and melodic composition is always strong, but his most recent album, Remarkably Human is his best work to date. He has Gavin Harrison on drums and Bryan Beller on bass for the album but they aren’t touring with him.

Remarkably Human really transcends way past the combo bonus of it’s parts. I think that a key to this is because of (I think it was) co-producer Scott Giffin’s addition of the piano into the mix which REALLY compliments Nick’s melodies. The reason why is that it’s unexpected. I’d have NEVER thought a piano would add much to an instrumental guitar album, but it does. It creates such an appropriate atmosphere without sacrificing Nick’s impact or authenticity.

The live show is just as good if not better than the album.

You can imagine how happy I was when Bryan Beller actually came out as a surprise guest for 2 of my favorite songs. He’s one of my favorite bassists because his style is extremely expressive and just petulantly joyful. He’s able to hold together any song no matter how chaotic and combative the rest of the composition is, yet somehow still makes space to play around. He handles the job but maybe will tie your ear dick to a flaming T-Rex when you aren’t looking is basically what I mean.


Plini’s work is, in my opinion, the type of music that can grab your central nervous system and rewrite its programming faster than a kick to the ladysack. He’s able to tell stories with sound that transport you elsewhere in unconventional ways that adhere to your spine. The sounds he chooses to work with and how they are put together are a bit different than the usual. I’d argue he sorta created his own genre. His work tends to feel like it transfixes you into the world it lives in. It’s uniquely calming and powerful, which is a hard balance to achieve. I really enjoyed Handmade Cities.

I was not sure how that would translate live.

Spoiler: It worked. Very well.

Not only did the live execution of the songs work, but I thought it was a nice touch to have the audience do the vocal part at the end of Every Piece Matters:

But that wasn’t all. Jake Howsam Lowe from The Helix Nebula was the second guitarist.

I’ve been following Jake’s work for a while now ever since I heard his solo on ibuiltthesky’s The Sky is Not the Limit album on YouTube, which I also bought. (Notice a pattern?)

I recall listening to it being like “Ok this is simple ok…whoa wait…FUCK SHIT FUCK WHAT GOD HOLY. SHIT.” Jake can just drive you anywhere with his work and you may or may not want to go but you’ll go either way. Because Hell Yes.

I needed to take a second to calm down after he punted me out of the 36th floor of a skyscraper with that one.

This show was amazing! Holy shit, you guys. Apparently everyone in Los Angeles came out on this night – even Javier Reyes from Animals as Leaders and Brendon Small were there.

You can imagine how I nearly shat out the window and vomited out of my eyeballs when Tosin Abasi and from Animals as Leaders came out at the end to jam.

I had been totally gutted awhile back when I couldn’t make it to see Animals as Leaders live because I was preparing to exit New Jersey. I’ve been following AAL ever since I discovered Tempting Time on YouTube awhile back. What is that? 5/4? 19/16? 23/16? ALL OF THEM?

I’m dead:

I’m going with, “All of them.” Tosin is one of those guitarists that just makes you want to practice. A lot. And then some more.

After a major life change, Los Angeles just reached out and made it clear to me that it was going to welcome me. This is where I belong. This is where the music that I like lives. I’m free to study and become the musician I always wanted to become without reproach. It’s all up to me now.

I stayed up until almost 3AM drinking in the Rainbow room in some bizarre alternate universe with, like, 80% of the musicians I listen to and who inspire me to study to be the best guitarist and vocalist that I can be. I met so many cool people and they even saw fit to let me backstage where I basically just talked about dicks and butts a lot. (The usual. You know. I keep it real so no one gets confused.)

The next day I practiced for hours after I woke up wondering if this was actually real life or was this like some bizarre dream that ends in a David Hasselhoff parody comprised of chipmunks like the last dream I had.

Answer: I did not see the Hoff so I guess it was real.

The only thing that I have left to say is: Yes, they are all phenomenal live and they are super sweet guys. The Plini / Nick Johnston tour may be the best tour of the year. You should not miss this one. The Los Angeles show was something super special way beyond what anyone could have imagined. When I left for L.A. I wasn’t sure what I’d do with this blog. But I know now that it’s time to refocus myself here onto what has always been the most important thing in my life ever since 5 year old me heard Van Halen, Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden for the first time.


I have so much to share with you about my new life and adventures in SoCal. Just you wait until I get back from running PotterVerse. :)



Goodbye, New Jersey. Hello, Los Angeles!

So, yeah. I’m moving to Los Angeles right now to start the next chapter of my life. It should be interesting adjusting to a new culture. I’m terrified, but I feel like a change is exactly what I need in order to find myself again. I have to pack in a short space of time and still haven’t found a permanent place to live. But I have found a few batshit crazy trainwreck people trying to sublet.

twitter los angeles

When I get settled, I’ll announce my next projects here. In the meantime follow me on Twitter and Facebook. and I’ll also see you at PotterVerse and (Re)Generation Who!

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I’m tapping out for a bit

Hi all,

I haven’t updated this blog in a bit because on a 1 to 10 scale of “How are you doing today?” I am at a -50.

My friends getting sick and dying, I’m working ridiculous hours to pay my bills plus unpaid work on my cons. (No, I don’t get any $ from the cons.) My health is falling apart for over 7 months now which will explain to you why I haven’t posted all that much.


The reason that I start blogging things here and they fizzle out is because I have to keep stopping to focus on the life and con work because both of those things directly and indirectly affect my ability to pay my bills.

I love writing to you. I love sharing my life. I also love helping people feel better and to be better in their lives. But all of my online work I’ve done for free. I actually have paid to do it for free since 2003. That isn’t sustainable. I also realize that I’ve never asked for it before, either.

You have to either enjoy something (and have the free time to devote to it) or get paid fairly in order to do something. I no longer have any free time.

I’m sorry for those of you emailing me asking me for advice or help with your lives or your creative businesses. I can’t help for free like I used to anymore.

I’m taking some time off now to focus on running the most amazing Harry Potter Convention in Baltimore, Maryland. (Come out and see us! It’s going to be our best work yet!)

I’ll be back soon with a new format here – one that likely will be supported by a Patreon or something. I need to solve the problem, “How can I do the awesome stuff people enjoy from me and earn a living wage for it?”

Hey, if you have any suggestions, email me from the top nav bar. This blog has always been for you so your feedback and support is going to dictate what happens next. :)

And do sign up for my mailing list to be alerted for when I relaunch.