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GUEST POST: Haunted Attraction Review: Lancaster, Pennsylvania: Field of Screams

Disclosure: Oni and I were invited out to the media day event at Field of Screams and were provided VIP passes to tour their houses and events this year–Oni was in LA at the time, so I brought with me some newbies to the event to see their reaction to what has historically been one of my favorite haunted attraction locations. They had some great set ups showing the history of the event:


When you enter Field of Screams, you immediately realize it isn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill haunted attraction location.

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Passaic, New Jersey Haunted Attractions: Brighton Asylum 2015 Review


Oni and I visited Brighton Asylum on October 18th, we went through both of it’s attractions and also did it’s brand new “Escape Rooms”. We were amazed at the wide range of changes that had occurred since last year, and dramatically since we first went to Brighton Asylum in 2012–we’ve always found it to be an excellent attraction to visit.

This year was no exception. If you’ve been to Brighton Asylum before, you might as well consider this a new first time–practically the entire set up and design has been reworked, except for the nice facade of the Asylum itself when you enter the second attraction.

A new beginning area has been added called “The Tunnel”. This starts your journey into the depths of the building, with a very creepy hospital theme set in a forgotten sub basement–which allows for all of the scares associated with being in underground tunnels and steamworks style set pieces. It was a great beginning and was very original in it’s set up and scares (and beyond it’s regular array of good scares, had one stand out really great scare that we’d never seen before that was very effective).

Moving on you then enter the asylum itself. Again, this area has basically been entirely redone–to great effect. There were plenty of exceptionally great visuals added, with plenty of over the top set pieces (and one set piece trying to break in….). We had a great time the entire way through. Everything worked well together and it had some nice uses of above and below scares–something we all say is a hallmark of a well thought out haunted attraction design.

After doing the haunted attractions we went in to their 2 Escape Rooms “Dead Escape” and “Lab Lockdown”. These are a brand new addition to their line up, and are part of a new trend to adding extra events to haunted attractions. In these cases you are given 4 minutes to scavenge a room to discover clues and work out a puzzle (either language style puzzle, or a combo math/visual puzzle). I’m pretty crap and those sort of things, so Oni took the lead, and we got very close in both of them to working things out before we ran out of time. If you like these types of things you’ll have fun trying it out, and they are only $5 each, so they’re a pretty inexpensive add on.

Brighton Asylum was absolutely worth the trip, and I’d suggest it to anyone in the New Jersey area as one of the better attractions to visit. The Haunts and Escape rooms are indoors, so you’ll be safe from the weather–they have covered waiting areas, so that’s a bonus as well. They were packed the night we went, so it’s a very popular attraction–so you might want to consider adding on their inexpensive VIP upgrade if you’re pressed for time.


What I Wish For My Birthday…


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Upcoming Haunted Attraction Announcement: Friday the 13th Zombie Skate presented by Terror Behind the Walls


We’ve received some information on a new Haunted Attraction event that will be announced today by the people from the Eastern State Penitentiary Haunted Attraction “Terror Behind The Walls”: “Zombie Skate”.

They passed along the following information on the event:

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Terror Behind the Walls presents Zombie Skate at the Rothman Institute Ice Rink at Dilworth Park! Join us on Friday, February 13 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, skate to spooky music, win prizes, and get your photo taken with a TBTW zombie right outside City Hall! Admission is $4 for adults; $3 for kids 10 and younger. Rental skates available for $8.

For more information about the Rothman Ice Rink, visit

They also gave a few more details on the event stating that they’d have a group of TBTW zombies roaming around, ice skating, photo bombing, and giving away some TBTW gear to attendees.

It sounds like a neat way to continue the Halloween and Haunted Attraction spirit in a different season.

You can also read some of our reviews of their main event on our Haunted Attraction Review Page.

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Augusta, New Jersey Haunted Attractions: Scareland Stadium


Oni and I were invited to check out a brand new Haunted Attraction happening in Augusta New Jersey at the Skylands Stadium called Scareland Stadium. This event is a co-production between the stadium and the group that produces State Scare. We’ve been to a similar concept before (placing a haunted attraction inside a stadium), but in this instance, the idea was to actually embrace the idea of the haunt being related directly to the stadium.

The attraction is an outdoor haunt, which was built with “rooms” but is open to the elements (just a note in case it is rainy). They fully embraced the notion that this takes place at a baseball stadium, and you, as the attendee, are placed in the roll of a “rookie” trying to get a place on the team. Of course, all of the member of the team now are either dead, or working to make you dead.

The budget on the event isn’t the starring role here, since given it’s setting and location they couldn’t make overly elaborate sets, but they did something else which I’ve always suggested in these cases: they went for a bit of comedy. While it is certainly scary, with people jumping out and being creepy–they really had a ball (ha!) with the idea of making each room have a bit of humor and the actors did a great job with the one-liners and other interactions. They even had a few really inspired setups (like a “Press Conference” that you were the star).

Overall I’d suggest this haunt as a fun family experience. It’s scary enough to be a haunt, funny enough to entertain, but not as rough or overwhelming as some of the more intense haunts we visit–so I can easily see this as a great all ages destination. They also have a food service location and bench area that you can hang out at and have some stadium food before or after your trip around the bases. (oh, and that was a fun bit as well–they set up a “zombie” team on the field which was a neat touch).