2019, Los Angeles, Theme Parks

STORYTIME: Disneyland Cast Members give a magical moment to formerly blind woman (Me!)

So I’m here in Disneyland wearing my awesome Minnie Mouse hoodie by myself on the railroad. Literally nobody else was in my car and the train stopped for awhile at Main Street USA. Conductor comes up to me and asks me how I’m doing I say great and say I moved here from NJ and want to see everything even what the railroad looks like.

Him: Have you seen our show?

Me: Which one? Fantasmic? I saw the smaller version in Florida when I was blind but not this one yet.

Him: Wait. What?

Me: Yeah it’s whatever I got my sight surgically given to me in 2016 and moved here. I could sorta see it but it was all messed up. I was blind from birth.

Him: I think you should get off at the next stop.

Me: Is this the whole railroad? I really wanna see if there’s more dinosaurs.

Him: You can get off at the next stop and get on again to go around the river and there won’t be a wait. The show is going to start right when this train arrives there.

Me: Ok I think I’ll do that. Thank you so much! Have a great rest of your night.

I got off at the next stop.

There was a CM there who led me to the front rail to see Fantasmic.

You guys I saw a dragon. And I keep forgetting fireworks aren’t bright smears they are defined fire dots.

I saw a dragon, you guys.

Disneyland Cast Members show a formerly blind woman what a dragon is at Fantasmic!