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Los Angeles: Cuties Coffee Review + Ruby

I write this post from Cuties Coffee In Los Angeles.

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Cuties is one of my favorite places and it’s not just because their iced mocha is total fire.

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Cuties is a safe space that creates programs for the queer community in Los Angeles. While we’ve come a long way from the Stone Butch Blues days, this is so important. If you don’t understand why, I highly recommend this book.

cuties coffee los angeles photo by yelp user iris y
But I digress. I’ve always felt most comfortable in places like this because I have never fit into any sort of box and I love the good energy here. To be just blunt about it – Cuties is a fabulous coffeehouse even if you don’t care about any of this. I’d say that this type of tasty, unique coffeehouse is one main reason WHY I moved to Los Angeles.

My work with PotterVerse and (Re)Generation Who has always been about elevating people in our communities, so ethically I immediately got it. And just look at how amazing the food is:

cuties coffee los angeles photo by yelp user iris y
cuties coffee los angeles food queer
It’s times like this when i remember Ruby.


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I remember you.

I was sitting in The Beehive on East Carson Street and I met you. I can’t remember how. You just walked into my life – probably fabulously.

I never saw you in drag, only your male persona. I wasn’t old enough to get into The Pegasus because I was only 17. I remember the day your Mom bought you that Chanel dress. I remember how proud you were. You came to me, your black skin glowing with happiness telling me how it was a once in a lifetime thing – you got a Chanel dress. Most Queens in Pittsburgh couldn’t afford a Chanel dress. You must have gushed about it for at least 15 minutes because my latte was gone by the time you were done. Your dress sparkled – just like your name.

I remember defending you when Yinzers would try and hurt you. Body blocking you. I remember not caring if I got hit.

I remember the day you convinced me to get on the table with you and sing Christine’s part in Phantom. “Ruby – I don’t know Phantom that well.” It didn’t matter. You sang to me. You got on your knees and serenaded me – me in my mini skirt, 7 inch platform boots, and spiked collar – as I stood on a table in that dingy coffeehouse with everyone looking at us.

We used to smack the shitty vending machines and get free Red Hots between lattes and my favorite – Italian Soda with lime.

I remember the day you collapsed in my arms. I think you had drank too many screwdrivers. I remember picking you up. I remember that something bad had happened. I remember holding you while you cried. I picked you up off of the floor at least 3 times that night and I sat with you, wanting to destroy the guy who hurt you. .

I also remember the day you left. I remember all the pain you suffered.

I hope you are alright today.

You always did sparkle.

Needless to say, Cuties is a great coffeehouse with fresh food, tasty coffee, and they also work to get folks housing and more (see that on their site) and very worth your time. GO HERE.

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