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REAL TALK: No BS life / business coaching that actually works and you make it possible

I was talking about this project the other day. I was actually a bit scared to launch it.

I write this post from a coffeehouse in Los Angeles, 2450 miles away from everyone I ever knew. Thanks to eye surgeries in 2016, I went from being blind to having sight. As amazing as that is, the last 3 years have been the worst years of my life. They don’t tell you that when you get sight late in life – nothing feels familiar anymore. I emerged on the other side victorious, the owner of a thriving business and freelance career, which I built myself. The real way.

“Who am I to give advice?”, I asked my friends.

Long distance.

Time zone dilated.

“I’ve been through so much hell and just keep getting hit over and over again and somehow I make things happen, but it’s hard.”

Of course, they promptly scolded me and told me that because my advice isn’t fake and I’m good at turning negative situations into positive ones that it’s precisely what the internet needs.

And then they quoted my own advice back at me and yeah.


They had me there. I can’t argue with it. Dammit, you guys.

Which explains why I can say with authority that we are our own worst enemy. We are told stories about how life is from the time we are born. Others tell us what’s good, what’s bad, and how we should act. No amount of success will ever make us feel that we measure up.

Some of us are lucky enough to have people who support them and their dreams, but I feel like most of us experience discouragement and abuse. Worse yet, we internalize the stories other people have told us about the world and we simply don’t try.

This blog is going to document my adventures in Los Angeles and educational resources to drive the advice and coaching that I do so well home by rooting it in real-world meaning. Post about my observations in LA will happen randomly, and high quality marketing / motivation posts will happen based on Patreon support. My patrons are basically joining a semi-private support and mentoring group that also gets to help choose what I write about. Part support, part advisory committee.

Whats up?


Together, we’re funding and creating inspirational, effective, REAL, and accessible content that helps people be their best. You know the guy online who expects you to already be successful and gives you advice with no clear path to completion?

I am not that guy.

When you become a subscriber, you make it possible for me to develop and produce high quality blog posts, worksheets, in-person fan events, and real support for our global community that actually works to elevate your life, your art, and your vibrational reality.

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