Things to do in Los Angeles: Haunted Attractions: Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights 2017 Review

This was my first time at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights in my new home of Los Angeles, California. I feel like in LA it’s always a good day to wear a Kreepsville 666 Skull Necklace from the shop on Melrose Ave. :)

Oni Hartstein Kreepsville 666 SKull NEcklace Los Angeles Melrose Ave

I am very familiar with the Florida parks so I didn’t know what to expect. USH HHN has 8 houses, plus their year-round Walking Dead haunted house, the Terror Tram, 3 scare zones, and the jabawockeez dance show. We didn’t see jabawockeez so that won’t be part of this review.

I normally place the marketing images for each house in their reviews but… Note for when Universal Studios Hollywood’s team reads this: Hey guys, you may want to tell your ad agency to make the images easier to save and not like this on your site so we can write about how much we love your work and make it look as pretty:

universal studios hollywood halloween horror nights los angeles 2017

Anyhow. I did this one like I do all of them. VIP all the way. DISCLOSURE: I paid out of pocket to do this and USH Management had no idea I was here on this night.

oni hartstein universal studios halloween horror nights hollywood los angeles 2017


I’ve seen the first Insidious film but for some reason I can’t remember much of it. This house was no different. I believe the thing possessing the people in the film was just menacing you as you went through. It was a rather simple, but effective design, but the story wasn’t explained if you didn’t already know the film. I don’t mean this as a negative. Simple isn’t necessarily bad. At least, it’s not bad in how I’m conceptualizing it here. Personally I feel like an attraction goes from good to great when it tells the story for people who aren’t in the know already, so this one was good. The set design didn’t have the depth that it’s counterparts in Florida have. Overall we had a lot of fun in here but I’d probably have to watch the film again to get a lot of what I saw on a deeper level.

American Horror Story: Roanoke:

I love AHS and have a pretty deep knowledge of the franchise. I really enjoyed the AHS house in Orlando, Florida last year. This house was fun, but a bit scaled down from what I saw in Florida. I also had problems with the narrative flow much like I did with the Insidious house. I saw what I think was Kathy’s Bates’ character chasing us over and over and some pig people but not many of the main characters from the show. If Lady Gaga’s character was in the house I missed her. I feel like if you aren’t deeply familiar with Roanoke this house may have been lost on you – but I enjoyed this house!

The Shining:

In this house you get chased by Jack. The set pieces were a bit better in this house. There were projections, peppers ghost illusions, and many of the scenes replicated form the film. I enjoyed this one! This one was easily one of the stronger houses. Even if you didn’t know the story (like me – I was blind before recently and catching up) you understood vaguely what was going on because of how the scenes were book ending the sequences of startle scares.


SAW is another franchise that I have a deep knowledge of. By the time we got to the SAW house, we were realizing that the houses in general in USH are more sparsely decorated than it’s Florida counterparts across the board. Again – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because we enjoyed ourselves in all of them – just an observation for my east coast readers who will be asking me how they are different. The SAW house was one of the more visual houses and it actually made Harknell queasy. You got to see several torture scenes from the films interspersed with pig people chasing you.

Titans of Terror:

This one had slightly better levels of decor and set pieces than other houses and several really good scares and effects. I especially liked Freddy’s glove coming out of someone’s chest in front of me. This one was fun! I felt that the scares were also a bit more creative throughout.

The Horrors of Blumhouse:

This was The Purge, Happy Death Day, and Sinister. Our takeaway with this (and most of the houses) was “oh, that was fun.” This may seem like an odd thing for me to write because I usually get really in depth – but just bear with me until the conclusion of this post. I’m going somewhere with this. In this case my blow by blow observations are just an appetizer.

Ash vs. Evil Dead:

This was one of the best houses. Great set pieces, great actor improv, and phenomenal sound. They had actors working together in here which I find is relatively rare everywhere. I don’t know why it’s so rare because it’s a great way to deal with high capacity and still give everyone a good show quality. This one was probably THE best house of the night.

The Walking Dead:

I don’t know if the show running in here was different than any other day of operation since it’s a year-round attraction, but this house was on the level that Florida usually does. The atmosphere was great and the scares were set up well. The rooms were built more upward than all of the other houses. I imagine its a challenge when working with so many temporary locations – in Florida they have sound stages that aren’t being used so the houses can be built in there like this one. In Los Angeles they are kinda busy filming movies so…

They took some of the scares I saw in Florida and perfected and played with them to be unique to their space. Someone email me from the top bar / tweet / FB / Instagram me and let me know if this was different for HHN or just the usual attraction.

Titans of Terror Tram hosted by Chucky:

I had heard amazing things about the Terror Tram but it really was just a bus ride to a large walkthrough scarezone. Again: Very enjoyable. But when you are bussed to a special area perhaps you expect a bit more than this. We had a lot of fun, but maybe because we went to Florida first we’re surprised by the smaller scale. The Urban Inferno scarezone that was part of the main area actually felt more “big” to us. But again – this was a lot of fun!


As mentioned above, Urban Inferno was great. Devils, stilt walkers, great lighting and sound. Hell-o-ween and Toxic Tunnel were mostly forgettable. Minimal props and just actors roaming about. Fun!


So you’ve heard what I have to say – but what does all of this mean? It means I had an AMAZING TIME at Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights for 2017. This is a Must See event and this may be my favorite park. You don’t need to be as big as Florida to be amazing. Scare Zones don’t need to be done with super set pieces to be enjoyable. The Florida Park is bigger and more detailed in it’s execution by far and they are awesome, but personally I actually felt more at home in Hollywood. The park experience was just nice. You felt welcome, you had fun in every house, and the staff were all kind, friendly and not pushing anyone through quickly. I give these guys my wholehearted recommendation – just know that like Disneyland, they are working with a smaller space. But they truly know how to execute properly within it.