(Re)Generation Who Custom Name Badge Art – orders for my art cut off on Mar 1; other amazing artists finishing the set

Hi all –

I’ve finished several of the Custom Name Badges for (Re)Generation Who: Baltimore’s Doctor Who Convention. Because I have the job of actually being the Showrunner for the con (plus 2 other cons that we do) I have to recruit some other amazing artists to finish the set.

My commission rates usually start at $250, but for only a $150 donation to the operating costs of the con you get a unique commissioned badge. I will never offer this again. Everything has gotten too big and I have to step into a true directorial role. let my staff do their jobs, and can’t moonlight doing detailed tasks like this anymore. I wish I could, but I am not actually an octopus.

You can request any character, including yourself – as long as there’s photo references prior to Mar 1.

If you want a badge specifically done by me you need to buy it and request me before March 1st at midnight. After that you’ll get some amazing artwork but it may not be by me.

Here’s the one-of-a-kind badges I’ve completed so far. Only 1 will be sold ever. Check the list here to see which are available and to get yours! Do note that these aren’t good for admission on their own (otherwise I wouldn’t be showing you a preview) and must be combined with a general admission badge.


baltimore doctor who convention 2017

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