2016, Oni's Life

NEW STUFF: New Doctor Who podcast, new Marketing and Life Coach blog focus for 2017

Hi all –

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as much as I had before here. There are a few reasons for this.

I have been very busy working on my conventions that my organization, Onezumi Events does in addition to my full time freelance work. You guys know this. It’s also taken a bit longer than I expected – nearly a full year for me to get back to my normal ability to work in Overdrive Mode (my normal state of being) after my eye surgery. It’s impossible to handle everything that I do without being in Overdrive Mode.

I don’t want to go into detail because frankly I am tired of dealing with it, but I’ll just leave it as I may have finally as of 2 weeks ago figured out how to exist with glasses AND contact lenses. It’s pretty annoying to try and life your life when you feel like you have been slapped in the head because your brain can’t decipher what’s going on randomly when you change your eye wear. But I have it now.

I produced over 10 pieces of art in less than a week and for 2 weeks have had no trouble doing what I used to do before I went super blind – but even easier. I did over 47 hours of marketing research and fun with social media data in addition to my day job in another week. So I think it’s say to say that I am back to normal but better. Here is a sampling of only some of the stuff that I’ve been quietly working on behind the scenes:


– Our new (Re)Generation Who Podcast / VideoCast! This will have a launch date quite soon. If you are a Doctor Who fan, you really need to subscribe to our YouTube channel now so that you don’t miss out on the launch. Reviews, celebrity interviews, discussions, and spotlights on Doctor Who projects that you may not know about but need to know about will be here. Hosted by me and featuring recurring co-hosts and yes – even actors from the Doctor Who TV series will be involved. You are gonna love this.

– OnezumiVerse changes: It’s become clear to me that for over 10 years people have been asking me to help them with their lives and careers. You’ll see posts showing up here before 2017 that are Life Coach / Marketing Coach / Tech Review-oriented, like this awesome iPhone case review.

That’s because I am in real life an highly-acclaimed Marketing Manager / Strategist / Whatever you want to call it who really REALLY optimizes / hacks her life so that she can be a high performer. Basically I run shit on Beast Mode and I’ve got the scars to prove it. I’ll be sharing how I managed to get from being so poor that I had to eat out of trash cans to this level – and I’ll share all of my Un-glamorous mistakes so you can avoid those. Hopefully I can help some people better themselves in the same way that I did. This is what a large part of this blog will be in 2017.

You won’t lose the me you’ve come to know.

The Haunted House reviews and all of the popular features are staying, but this blog needs a tighter focus in order for me to remain interested in blogging here.

REAL TALK: I have done theme parks over and over so much that there’s not much interest remaining for me on that topic. I have never had any desire to be a theme park news site and I can’t possibly compete with folks who live in Orlando and get inside tips from their friends who work there before it’s made public.

My Thing has always been my unique voice. I have no desire to just post links to press releases or speculate about roller coaster rumors. Other people do that far better than I ever could.

In order for me to do anything I feel that I must always answer the question, “Do I enjoy this and can I do this better than anyone else? Do I have something to offer that no one else can?”

Well, the things that I do the best are:

1. Running Conventions

2. Marketing and Life Coaching that is accessible for everyone regardless of your economic background

I also kinda rock the haunted house reviews.

Judging by today’s political climate I think this is needed more than ever before. I’ve been considering it for over 10 years because I get so many requests for it. This all started because I got so many questions from my friends that I figured I would just put them online so I don’t have to keep re answering the same questions 8x a week. I’ve started a Facebook group for this on the down low and people are already joining before I’ve released anything.

This is going to be amazing and I think it’s going to help a lot of people. Feel free to email me from the top nav bar on this site to submit a question. I may answer it here in this series.

Thanks to everyone who has followed me since I started building this in 2003. I’ve never been great at focusing on 1 topic, but I finally found 1 topic that I can bring a hell of a lot of unique value to and make endless good content about.

Oh, and I’m also getting ready to open my art shop up again.

In 2017 you will get me, but better. Thank you so much for being there while I went through what ended up being the most bizarre and life-changing year ever. Please pardon our dust here while I prepare for the amazing year ahead!

You guys are the best!