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Holiday Real Talk: The Best 2016 Art / Tech Entrepreneur Gift Guide for Him and Her

And by “best” I mean that some of these things I liked so much that I or my husband bought / use.


Most of us have to work a lot and learn several skills in order to keep moving forward in our entrepreneurial careers. My holiday gift guide is aimed at people who love art, technology, have busy lives, and refuse to accept anything less than success that they build themselves. My philosophy is also in buying less items and investing in quality that lasts a long time. This is why many of these items are higher priced investment items.

1. Catalyst Case for iPhone – $69.99


This case is still my favorite case. It’s waterproof, drop proof, and Oni-proof. While this is the only item on this list that was sent to me for free by the company (I always keep it legit with you), I’d have bought it myself if I knew about it before now. Read my full review of the Catalyst case for iPhone over here.

LINK: Catalyst iPhone (or iPad and other stuff) case

2. Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Backpack- $61.99

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature Slim Backpack

I don’t own this but I’m thinking of picking it up because it looks great, is secure, and is hands free. If you know a woman who doesn’t like fiddling with gigantic and unwieldy bags and isn’t obsessed with designer brand names then this may be a good choice. I find that most bags for women seem to be made for poor little lambs who aren’t security minded at all. I can’t for the life of me imagine why anyone would buy a bag that closes with a magnet, yet many women’s bags have this. Those are so easy to pickpocket.

If you think I am being paranoid then you’ve had a more happy life than I have and I envy you. For everyone else this bag is cute enough to go almost anywhere and backpacks are always easier on the shoulder than a gigantic handbag.

LINK: Travelon / ebags

3. UDG Ultimate Backpack Black/Orange inside – €129.95


If you are looking for a more guy-oriented bag here you go. I actually got this for Xmas last year from my husband because I am an avid vinyl collector. This guy can fit my vinyl records in it if I’m going on a vinyl hunt and double as a work bag. The only caveat is that it is massive, so I don’t recommend it for NYC subways unless you actually truly need it. I truly do need it for speaking gigs where I have to set up my own tech. so BOOM.

LINK: UDG DJ / Vinyl Backpacks

4. Zella Live-In Leggings – $52.00–$69.00

Nordstrom Exclusive Zella Leggings are not see through, hooray!

I exercise and I go to work a lot. I think it’s kind of bullshit to spend an ass and an arm on leggings if they can only be used for one situation. It’s also bullshit to fall victim to cheap (or expensive) leggings that fall apart or are see through. These extremely thick and durable leggings I wear all the time to go to work under my dresses. It means that I’m super comfortable all day and I can also use these to go biking when I am not at work. They are so thick you can even wear regular underwear underneath without it showing. If you wait until Nordstrom has a sale you can get these for almost half price. If they ever discontinue these I will cry. The rest of the Zella line doesn’t seem to be cut super great for my body type but these fit like a dream.

Sorry guys, I don’t have a Men’s version for this one. Dresses are office shorts in the Summer and dresses are as comfortable as pajamas in winter with this.

LINK: Zella Live-In Leggings

5. SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller for Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac – $49.95

steelseries iphone ipaditouch osx and mac gaming controller

Every busy person needs some down time. In my case I play GTA: Liberty City on my iPad Pro. This controller lets me do that easily.

LINK: SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

6. Apple Pencil for iPad Pro – $99.00

Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

Any artist who has an iPad needs this. Why? Because you can turn your iPad Pro into a WACOM CINTIQ-like tablet if you use the AstroPad Drawing Tablet App. I’ll do a review on this in January, but this could actually save someone in need of a drawing tablet with a display monitor some money. I’ve been using this as my primary drawing tablet for a month now.

LINK: Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

7. Aquabee Bee Paper Super Deluxe Sketch Pad, 11-Inch by 14-Inch – $19.70

aquabee bee paper super deluxe sketch pad 11x14

Aquabee is not very well-known but they should be. They have literally the best sketchbooks I have ever tried. You’ll never want to use a shitty brown covered sketchbook from the art store again. The paper is very thick, and double sided with a rough and smooth side. It’s also able to accept wet media. For artists like me who couldn’t afford to finish art school and supplies in college and never learned what paper goes with what media – this just makes it easy because it does it all.

LINK: Aquabee Sketchbook

8. ThinkGeek Star Wars BB-8 Motion Car Charger

Star Wars BB-8 Motion Car Charger

This cute little car charger makes sounds and moves as you charge your phone. It may not be the most useful thing in the world but there’s no law that says we can’t have a sense of humor.

LINK: Star Wars BB-8 car charger

9. Otamatone from Maywa Denki – $25.99

Japanese Otamatone by Maywa Denki

Speaking of sense of humor, I am not even going to describe this thing. Just watch this video.

Oh man I need this. My husband is not in agreement.

LINK: Japanese Otamatone from Maywa Denki

And there you have it – my 2016 holiday gift guide. If you have something art or tech that you think my readers should know about, please email me via the top nav bar and let me know!