BREAKING: Maryland’s Harry Potter Convention happens this Sept and I’ll be Showrunner

I am proud to announce that I’m the Showrunner of Maryland’s Harry Potter fan Convention. It takes place in Baltimore this Sept. 8-10 2017.


It’s already gone viral. It’s going to be a big deal. Below is 1 of many anchor posts I put out yesterday. Doing the math, it’s gotten over 56,000 people interacting positively with the con in less than a few hours.

Baltimore Maryland Harry Potter Convention

I learned some things this week that I’d like to share.

I’ve been a pro marketer for a long time. I’ve launched cancer drugs with a million+ dollar budget and products in the financial space with a similarly large budget. My geek event company is a start up. We don’t spend on ads much and we didn’t spend a dime in this particular case.

I’ve never seen a launch that went this viral with no budget and not even any guests announced yet. (Re)Generation Who, my Doctor Who convention in Maryland was huge and it never did these share numbers.

This reminds me of something that I wanted to share with you all today: An overnight success takes at least 10 years.

You can look at all the data you want, pay as much money as you want, and optimize your internet presence all you want, but what truly made this work is my reputation that I’ve been building since 2003 coupled with the data and knowledge.

It’s an extremely great idea to use data and optimize all of your stuff – don’t get me wrong. But the glue that makes it all work is your getting involved in other organizations and events in your space and helping with no strings attached. Almost every geek convention in the mid-atlantic (and elsewhere in the northeast) USA knows me. I’m well-known for mentoring and helping people and in cases where money is a thing, I will always pay out even at my own expense to do the right thing – even if it means a temporary loss.

Basically I work like the book Never Eat Alone, but I was doing it before I heard of that book. (If you haven’t read this book, you should.)

I learned this week how powerful researching trends and data can be. Truthfully that was something I refused to do until recently. I’ll be writing very soon about how much power harnessing these concepts has brought to my marketing game and I’ll show you what I did. I also learned how powerful proactive marketing and networking can be when it’s put together just right.

I hope this inspires someone to conceptualize the link between your online and offline work! If you feel stuck with your online marketing efforts – GO OFFLINE and interact. I promise that you’ll feel better and see results. They won’t be overnight results, but it will happen.

Every overnight success takes at least 10 years.

Register to join us in September in Baltimore at PotterVerse and get more information here on our Harry Potter convention website.