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Tech Review: Catalyst waterproof iPhone case is what I use now instead of Lifeproof

Remember when I blogged that my Lifeproof case fell apart quickly and was a pain to use? Well if you missed that you can review that here. Catalyst contacted me and graciously sent me a case to review. I’ve been using it for like a month now so I can confidently tell you how it’s holding up.

Holy crap, you need this.

They make them for all sizes of iPhone. Mine happens to be the 5s, which is also the same size as the SE.


GUYS. This Catalyst case is literally the best iPhone case I have ever used in my life. It’s sleek, waterproof, drop proof, easy to put on and take off, and doesn’t make the workflow of listening to music annoying. I’ve been searching for over a month to figure out if it had any problems but I can’t find any.

The case itself feels like it’s a much more durable material than you’d normally see. The stress point of the volume/mute switch is handled by a sturdy plastic knob that you can turn. The volume buttons itself are covered with high quality rubber. You can see that in this picture:


The bottom of the phone has a molded rubber part that kind of acts like a cork. So you don’t need a special adapter for your headphones that you’ll inevitably lose. You can just use your regular headphones. My audio cable in my car was too wide for it because I bought a big one, but for like $6 I bought an adapter just for my car’s audio cable that always stays in my car, never gets removed, and doesn’t get lost. Now it’s seamless from walking and listening to driving and listening.

Considering I listen to music almost all the time that’s a big concern for me. :D

Below you can see the headphones on the left, the power charger in the center and a lanyard attachment on the right. YEAH I SAID IT finally someone got intelligent and gave us a lanyard attachment! ALL CAPS I HAVE WANTED THIS SINCE THE IPHONE CAME OUT. Literally everyone in Japan is probably flipping out right now – and everyone else who likes to collect cell phone charms:


I seriously was way too excited about this lanyard attachment. :D


I was skeptical at first because I’ve been through several cases and never found one that I liked but in my opinion Catapyst makes the best iPhone cases I’ve ever tried – so much that I gave away the case I had puchased for myself when my LifeProof broke. If you want a sleek, waterproof, drop proof case that is easy to use and easy to put on and take off Catalyst is where you need to go.

– Waterproof
– Drop Proof
– Easy to put on / take off
– Easy to use / durable volume buttons
– No adapters needed to use your headphones
– After a month it’s holding up very nicely.
– Great removable lanyard feature

– If you have a fat audio cable in your car you’ll need a $6 adapter for your car, but that’s really not a big deal whatsoever.

Catalyst has my highest recommendation. If I had known about them I would have purchased this on my own. My husband was thinking of letting my have his bigger phone but I turned it down solely because I like the case on this phone too much and don’t want to part with it. These guys should be the #1 purchased iPhone case in the world. They are that good.

You need this. Click here to get more info about it. I am not being paid to say this.