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I love Field of Screams near Lancaster, PA. Here we are getting ready to go on in on Media Day – Saturday, September 10th!

FOS 1 2016

before field of screams

No, seriously. This one is so well done that it’s on the “haunts that I will go to every year no matter what” list. Due to the popularity of my conventions and increased demand for me as a freelance marketer and artist I’m having to cut back on how many haunts that I do. I’m eliminating all haunts that haven’t changed and do not inspire “re-playability” so to speak. Basically this year if a haunt feels like work I’m staying home.

This year is an iterative year. For the most part my review last year is still relevant. Definitely click that one and read it if you are new to this haunt because I’ll be only talking about what is new in this post.

This year each attraction DOES have new rooms and characters added to them. Den of Darkness actually has an entire new queue that is revealed after you enter past this point:

den of darkness

The most impressive addition is in the hayride. The scrapyard section is completely redone. While it is less kinetic than in the past I thought it was more impressive. When I talked to the co-owner, Jim, he let me know that this is phase 1 of what will be a very impressive addition next year.

I won’t spoil it. But let’s just say that it looks impressive now and they plan to take it up to an insane level next year.

As always, the same amazing array of games, food, shopping, scare actors, and entertainment is happening in the midway area. New this year is a free photo booth where you can get your picture taken with a scare actor.

fos free pic

I also love that they take care to add cool decorations everywhere:

oni skull

So How Was It?

On the day I went we were experiencing a very rare heat wave which put temperatures up in the 90s late at night. This almost never happens in the northeast after September 2nd. There is no reason an attraction in Pennsylvania should have an air conditioner installed in it because it’s usually quite cold this time of year. I have no idea how the scareactors managed to scare as well as they did because it was extremely uncomfortable even as a customer to go through the attractions.And I need to be clear here – none of this was their fault. No one can control the weather. Mad props to them for sticking it out and still bringing a great show! I don’t know if I could have done that if I were in their position.

Some folks messaged me that energy was down on the day I went – but as I pointed out to them – I am surprised that they could scare at all in these freakish hot temperatures. I see this as a testament to how strong the actors are. The heat conditions were intolerable and they still brought it better than I could were our positions reversed. I’ll be returning November 11th for their Blackout event, which Joe for Scranton Haunted Reviews tells me is amazing. I can’t wait to compare my trips this year.


FoS is a great place to take the entire family because if you have someone who doesn’t like haunts, they can (for now) wait in the midway and have a lot of things to do and see while your group goes through. That may change.

Field of Screams’ regular price is $34.00 and it costs $10.00 per attraction to upgrade to VIP. This is a phenomenal value for what you get in here. I highly recommend FoS to you. It’s one of the most solid and balanced haunted attractions in the country such that, to me, never gets old even on iterative years. Its quite telling that FoS is one that I did not eliminate from my tour this year. It’s worth my time and I also believe that it’s worth yours.

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