My Intervention 7 Panel Schedule!

Here is my panel schedule for Intervention 7. I may drop in on some other ones and I will also be on the floor almost all of the time meeting you guys and making with the LOLZ. And the loading of many boxes into a venue:


2pm Fri: We Are Intervention – Panels Room 1: General Q&A with Harknell and myself about the con and a great place to get our attention for any suggestiosn and requests!

2pm Sat: Rachel Talalay: Spotlight Interview by Oni Hartstein – Panels Room 2

10am Sun REAL TALK: Oni Hartstein’s Guide to Marketing Your Work Online – Panels Room 2: This is my main panel where I pull back the curtain and share all of my secrets. It’s very different from previous years because almost everything has changed this year. :) The last bit will be an open Q&A. Even if you aren’t a creator and don’t need career help and are just fascinated about how I managed to get from abject poverty to where I am today, it’ll be informative.

3PM Sun: So, How’d We Do? – Large Panels Room: This is where you get to tell us what you thought about the con so we can make awesome even more awesome in the future.

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