2016, Oni's Life

When you feel like you’ve been in a car accident but you haven’t been; making convention table layouts; guitar practice

I hate going to the podiatrist for exams. Let’s me just say that getting your surgical site examined and messed with is pretty rough. Somehow I feel like all of my joints are angry as if I were in a car accident. He didn’t mess with my shoulders and arms but they hurt? How the hell does that happen? I may have recoiled so badly I hurt myself during the exam.

I’ve finished the anti inflammatories he prescribed and they did pretty much nothing except maybe made it worse so I’m excited to try the second option to see what’s up. (EDIT: I may have had an allergic reaction to my anti-inflammatory medication they prescribed because severe joint pain is listed in it’s side effect. Urg.) I am optimistic. Normally doctors won’t try because it seems too complicated. This guy is trying. Anything that helps me is welcome.

I have a severe bruise on the bottom of my foot from the exam which also makes no sense because the doctor wasn’t that rough. Oh well! I get to limp at work today. I’m so glad it’s summer. Heat makes me feel better.

This week is a busy one. I get to finish off the layout for Intervention 7 and oversee that my staffers get assigned into their sleeping rooms, and that everything else is on track. Normally the event layout is done months earlier but the venue was being significantly remodeled so any layout we could have done earlier would have been wrong.

I’m used to planning events with an ever-changing venue underneath me. Venues being redone is actually pretty common. Because of this the venue had no to-scale map so we had to ask our architect friend Eric to literally make that from scratch for us. You need an accurate map so that you can place tables and not oversell your room.

I may have a free day this weekend to do something fun which will make a total of 3 days this summer that I’ve had time to do that. One of those days, this happened:


Don’t ask me why it looks like he’s molesting my boob.

Now the question is what to choose for this weekend. The answer is often “get some sleep”.

Being an adult is being sleepy all the time and worrying about money is all I’ve been able to figure out.

Anyway, register for Intervention 7. I’ll post my panel schedule quite soon, but you can see the schedule of events here.

EDIT2: After writing all of this I ended up crying in the fetal position from the pain and was told to get in bed.

So I pulled myself together and did it this way: