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Video: OniHaunts: Lancaster, Pennsylvania Haunted Attractions: Field of Screams 2015 review

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I’m Oni Hartstein. I run the big Doctor Who Convention (http://www.ReGenerationWho.com) and Intervention, the kick ass artist makerspace (http://www.InterventionCon.com) – both in Maryland.

I travel a lot. OnezumiVerse.com is my blog of weird things that I like. One of the main things that I like are haunted attractions. Every year Harknell and I cover over 3000 miles to find, review, and spotlight the best haunted attractions, bizarre theater experiences, and offbeat travel destinations. We love our job.

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Video Editing: Stephen Baker

Equipment Used
in Car: Sony AS15 Action Cam w/Skeleton Frame and Suction Mount
On Foot: Sony AS15 Action Cam w/AKA LU1 lcd screen Adapter