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New job, new Sony RX100 IV camera, collecting vinyl, more mayhem!

I’m back!


Well, I never exactly left. I’ve been posting here, posting daily on Facebook, and working hard on Intervention and (Re)Generation Who, but as I said in my previous post my iPhone camera was no longer doing the job. It made it hard to get good photographs of anything so it detracted from my ability to really show you things and write about them.

I just left a contract that was about to expire and took a huge promotion. My present for this new chapter in my career was a Sony RX100 IV digital camera so that I could more easily bring you better images of whats going on in my adventures. The photo in this post was just a quick snap with it over this past weekend.

I’ll post a personal update and a review of this camera as soon as I use it a bit more. So far it’s FABULOUS. It transfers images right to my iPhone via wifi so that I can put them on social media without any fuss.

What else is new? Oh yes! For anyone following me on Facebook, you already know that I am studying metal guitar and I am an avid vinyl collector. Music has always been a huge thing for me, I just never had the opportunity to do much with it until now.

Records, kids. RECORDS.

I buy a lot of records and play them on my Numark turntable and listen on Infinity speakers.

You’ll be hearing a lot about this since here because when I am not reviewing haunted houses I am on a Vinyl Quest and having other bizarre adventures these days while I seek out cool stuff that doesn’t suck. I have a srs bznzz mission statement which you may have noticed in the new graphic up top, “CEO your life so it doesn’t suck. Geek out. Make art. Rock on.”

I basically believe in being the best at what I do and using that so that I can have as much fun finding weird shit as possible. I’ll be sharing that (as well as tips on how you can do some of the cool stuff that I do) here. I’m also teaching Marketing for bloggers and indie creatives at Intervention this August in MD, so get your butt to that if you’d like to learn some game-changing advice that you can apply to anything-even your day job career. Unlike a lot of people on the internet, I give it to you straight and will not set you up with unrealistic and unachievable expectations. I believe only in results.

In the meantime, I have about 8 blog posts that I need to start writing. :)