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Metal + Black Woman = Hot

Finally we have a metal band with a dark-skinned girl as lead singer! The band is called Straight Line Stitch. They are from Knoxville, TN. Their singer is Alexis Brown. She sings in a clean angellic voice as well as a metal screaming style.

Hear some samples at their MySpace here.

Here is a video:

There should be more bands like this. Alexis Brown is a great inspiration to girls everywhere.

3 Comments on “Metal + Black Woman = Hot

  1. I’m not very familiar with this type of music, but I’m pretty sure there’s no “metal creaming style,” unless you’re referring to how she makes you cream with her metal style. Which I could totally see. XD. She’s pretty bad ass!!

    You might like Thismeansyou. Check out their myspace.

  2. I’m just stumbling upon this now, and I must admit that it’s full of hot sticky pants goodness.

    I mean, it’s pretty cool.

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